We arrived on four wheels

We pulled up to the traffic lights as we entered Wellington, "oh look a girl on a unicycle is crossing the road".

Earlier that day we'd left Taupo and our spot in happy valley (between huka corner and lusty flats), with a little stop off to walk up to Huka water falls and the hot water stream (which was like bath water!). The journey had been spectacular coming through National Park and 'Mount Doom' which was covered in snow.

We entered the City of Wellington looking for our hotel, thats right, a hotel! With king bed and breakfast included, sometimes I spoil Becky.  It was a very quiet evening being the first sunday after christmas, I'd left Becky in the hotel to have a bath and went in search for  an open shop.  Sadly I came back empty handed so we had a little snack and went out to find a restaurant, what we did find was a couple more unicyclists, obviously a popular sport in Wellington.

Our first nights sleep in a nice hotel and fell asleep watching some christmas movies. Lovely.

I had woken early to move our car, picked up Becky for our breakfast buffet before leaving to explore Wellington.  We did a bit of shopping before walking down to the water front for some lunch and to see the Len Lye Water Whirler, the sister to the Len Lye Wind Wand.  But then came more unicyclists headed down towards the TSB arena, intrigued we followed but before we got to the arena a precession of 640 more came around the corner and along the harbour.  We soon realised this was the unicycling world championships, we waited for the British contingent to pass and followed them into the civic quarter to watch their acrobatics and opening ceremony with traditional Maori welcome.

Obviously that was the highlight but we did also visit the Te Papa museum.  When we were here in Feb 07 the big news was that Te Papa was about take possession of a colossus squid so obviously we had to go visit the half tonne creature that is now on display.

Other highlights since then have been Waiohine Gorge where Becky proudly walked across the 100 metre long, 100 metre high rope bridge(!) and the ridiculous road through the mountains out of Wellington, sadly no photos as Becky refused to let go of the dashboard.

Off to New Plymouth now to spend new year with Midla and Jo on the beach!