How we got engaged in Snowdonia

We arrived at the lay by sometime after 7pm, it was dark and very cold, we were still some distance from Ty Capel. Being in our new car for its first outing we were hesitant to leave it so far from where we were staying, but we collected our bags regardless and headed up the path into the darkness of the woods. After half an hour or so of walking (stumbling) in the dark we finally found it, in the dark, all on its own.

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Ty Capel is an old chapel in Snowdonia, Wales. As well as a Chapel it was also used as a school and but now owned and run by the Landmark Trust as a little holiday home for anyone willing to try and find it. I'd booked it as a surprise for Becky, for the new year of 2009.

We found the key, let ourselves in, lit the fire and started to explore. Ty Capel is a little building with one large room acting as the lounge and dining room with the beds up on a mezzanine floor, under the 'bed room' are the kitchen and a lovely little bathroom.

The weekend was spent wrapping up warm and venturing outside for little walks, but soon returning to the house to sit in front of the fire and defrost.

On the Saturday night we had cooked the dinner we'd bought in Betws-y-Coed earlier that day, stacked the fire with wood and sat down to play some games. We hadn't brought many with us so the game soon turned to hangman.

I'd gone for something tricky with a sentence made up of 4 letters, then 3, then 5 and finally 2 more, I filled in the final question mark to make it a little easier. While getting desperately close to loosing, and me nervous as anything, Becky finally hit upon what it was, with 'Will you marry me?'.

After some excitable screeching Becky happily agreed as I popped the engagement ring I'd been carrying around for months onto her finger.

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You can see some more photos on flickr.