In Transit to Auckland

The 22nd of December was a long day for us, worrying about the weather, whether heathrow would be closing, entertaining our families and waiting, lots of waiting for our 2200 hours flight from Heathrow.

We landed in Kuala Lumpar after 12 hours of turbulence with Becky a little green, the 3 hour break before our connection to Auckland was very welcome. We visited the same shops as we had 3 years ago with everything being very familiar, not least the 'multi-cultrual toilet experience'.  A new addition is the 'mini' forrest penned off in the middle of the airport, we went for a 'mini' walk through in the 30 degree rain.

The second 10 hour flight was no more enjoyable with more turbulence and the same meal we had previously eaten 3 times already. Five hours in and realising we weren't even half way (the time slowed greatly when Becky broke her little telly and could only watch Hannah Montana: The Movie), I started to have doubts about how good an idea this was, of course those doubts disappeared quickly as we prepared to land in Auckland.

Stepping off the plane into the 22 degree heat with the blue skies reflecting off the sea it was of course worth it.  We sat in arrivals and listened to the carol singers while our tent was off being fumigated.

It's good to be back.

Merry Christmas from New Zealand.

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