Rarotonga in our A-frame

Lets start off with: we're here, we're safe, we're warm (Its 29oC today). The island is quite quiet as we've hit a bit of a tourist low season, I'm surprised there is such a thing as the weather is still great and the beaches are lovely.

Our little house is a traditional A-frame on the beach, with the kitchen, bathroom and living area downstairs and large bedroom overlooking the sea upstairs. We do have a TV, it's got one channel provided by the church, I watched 5 minutes of 'Jesus, where is he now?' over breakfast.


I've booked some SCUBA diving, tomorrow I'm going back to the site of my first ever dive and have a two tanker on Sunday, beats diving for shopping trolleys in Plymouth.

We've hired a scooter, to get about on. I love the backwards-ness here, let me tell you the process I went through to get it:

1. Hire a scooter
2. Drive scooter on road to police station
3. Apply and complete driving license to be able to drive scooter on road.

We took it for a spin around the island, this took about an hour after riding through a storm, getting absolutely drenched and still having time to dry off before arriving back home.

Well that's all for now! In summary, we haven't actually done much.

All of which is good.