Farewell Rarotonga!

It is our penultimate day in Rarotonga and we (again) are sad to be leaving. We have met so many nice and friendly people here (photos of a few of them below) that this part of the trip has been as much about the amazing scenery as the people.

Over the last few days we have been relaxing on the beach and swimming. On Tuesday there were the most enormous waves (the photos don't capture the hugeness of them) but very abnormal for Rarotonga. I sat at the top of the beach on a table and still the waves came up the legs of the table. Normally the lagoon is pretty still and calm so it was quite a different experience on the beach that day.

Yesterday we put up the hostels Christmas decorations- tinsel overload! Leticia (the family's little two year old) was having great fun pulling them all down again! I was lucky to get a photo of the Christmas Tree decorated because this morning it was bare and she was rolling baubles around the floor. We had clubbed together for a BBQ last night- very odd (Christmas decorations and BBQ).

Andy and I have been planning Fiji (I want to go to Nativiti Island over Christmas). Most of the Yaswana islands don't have electricity or phones (some are even low on water!- thank goodness we have our water filter!) so we will be out of contact for about 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year. We will be probably camping over both important days, ooh and maybe a bit of swimming, snorkeling......

Enjoy the photos- the waves were bigger than it shows- honest!

If we don't email before we go to Fiji, have a happy Christmas, and we get the first rays of the 2007 sunrise 12 hours before you guys in the UK will!

Becky and Andy


Hope you like the photos!