Home Again

We should have done this earlier, but with the unpacking, washing and backpacker blues, time has slipped away from us, we've been back for a week or so now, started settling back into work and catch up with friends.

Lots of people have asked us our favourite places so here's a few:

Romance and Worry Free Relaxing: Maya island in Fiji
Shopping and Culture: Singapore
Scuba Diving and Idyllic Beaches: Rarotonga in the Cook Islands
Cheap Living (and most probable place to get food poisoning): KL in Malaysia
Most expensive: Tahiti
Extreme Sports, Kayaking, Climbing, Fantastic Scenery, collecting injuries: Quite Obviously, New Zealand
Place we'd like to explore further: Sydney and Australia (and eat those Manly fish and chips!)

If I really had to pick one place from the whole trip to call my favourite? Abel Tasman National Park, sitting in my Kayak with Bex and Zoe singing 'Tom Cruise Scares Me' to the seals.

We hope to keep in touch with new friends and you're welcome to come and visit!

Well back to the chilly uk weather that is summer.