Adrenaline Junkie

Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world, with Bungys to Skydives, to Canyon swinging, to white water, you can do it all. We wanted to go rafting but due to the lack of rain in February it would have been more of a gentle float down the river.

So instead we set off to find something not quite as scary as attaching a rubber band to our feet but more thrilling than the local swimming pool (granted after swimming there, there is a good chance of getting some kind of infection). We set off from our 'Top 10' to go catch the Sky Gondala to the top of the mountain, to get a look down on the town.


Up there we found 'The Luge'... basically, you sit on a tray with handle bars and skid down the track carved into the mountain, just one little curb between your tray and the 500 metre drop into the town, who needs bungy jumps?

We bought our tickets for 3 rides each and set off on the ski lift, helmets on, to the top. First ride down we knew 3 wasn't enough as we skidded, squealed, bounced into the air, shot through tunnels and swerved, desperately trying to get the hang of the breaks.

Once our goes were over we left the mountain unscathed, wanting more. So... the next day with our campsite neighbours in tow, we went back for more, buying the maximum 5 go ticket before even getting up there.

I didn't leave unscathed this time, getting a little over excited on the final turns i came off head over heels ripping the skin off my wrist and knee... for photos go to the usual place.
Other places about here to note are Puzzle World in Wanaka! (cheers James) which was brilliant!