Bartering in Kathmandu

We landed in the surprising heat of Kathmandu very unprepared. I sat there with my big duffle bag in jeans and a tshirt moaning, unaware of the 15km walk from the airport to Balaju park on the other side of the city we would soon be setting off on.

Having spent all our money getting here we were going to get kitted up with second hand equipment from travellers like ourselves who were ready to leave the country. We had a handful of addresses of hostels and meetups in the city, we decided the best way to see the place was to start walking, without google maps or an adequate map we were soon lost. We only found our way from one address to another using crudely drawn maps on the back of our tickets. By the time we got to our hostel, many many hours later, I had most of what I needed but was still dragging my duffle bag, none of us head really cottoned on the fact that if people were leaving, they would need their bags.

Tomorrow: Trying to leave the City.