President of Malaysia

To rip off Doug Adams "Space,is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is. I mean you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space". Now if you just replace Space with Malaysian Shopping Malls you might get the idea of how big they are, they make Cribbs Causeway look like your local corner shop!

We went to a couple today to get out the rain and/or stifling heat, one was 12 floors high with the top few spanned by rollercoaster to keep the kids amused (and us). Malaysians certainly know how to shop till they drop! Unfortunately with no space in our bags and already a couple 2kgs over our limits we can only window shop at all the pretty things. We found one mall devoted to all things electronic!
We have been here a few days and each day we have been beaten by the weather! It is so sticky and hot that as soon as you walk 100m you are a sticky sweaty mess! Nice! We have attempted to do some sightseeing, the Petronas towers, the National Museum, the Merdeka Square. Tomorrow we are going to the Batu Caves (needs to be seen to be believed) and wander the markets of Chinatown.

Everywhere in Malaysia is so difficult to get to, KL hates pedrestrians (the pavements are next to 8 lane congested roads, broken or non existant- crossing the roads is like playing "Froggit" - you are very likely to get squashed. Malaysians don't seem to believe in sign posting anything- it took us 3 attempts to find the Tourist office! Having said that, Pubic transport is aplenty, with 3 different monorails/undergrounds, a taxi at every turn but the buses have a secret timetable only they know, the bus station is.... well... could be anywhere.
At the end though, Malaysia has a charm of its own and we'll be back (with more money that time and an empty bag!) people are friendly, food is cheap and healthy, there are some beautiful places in Malaysia that we'd like to go to - the Rainforest, the Islands and Georgetown. But it's bloody hot! We'll be planting more trees to offset the carbon footprint for our excessive use of air conditioning :)