Archos GMini 500 'Pocket Media Centre'

After lots of searching, we found this MP3 player on amazon for about 150 quid, which has turned out to be invaluble and rather robust!

We left the UK with 80 gig of music, video, photos of friends and family, digital copies of our passports, tickets and important documents all cleverly encrypted away from prying eyes. It comes with a 'USB Host lead' which means, when our digital cameras full, we can dump the photos on the device and start taking more, all without the need of searching for a computer.

Due to the nature of how we've been travelling, it's had a hard life, even getting soaked through (invest in a waterproof case) and although I'm sure the warranties now void, the metal case scratched and dented, it's still going strong (touch wood)

Its been great, entertaining us on wet evenings and listening to music in the car when radio stations can't be found.